Past Winning Projects

"Say NO to Smoking and Smile!"


Applying computer technology to create digital artwork. Quality digital graphics projects follow good design principles including composition, meaningful messages, and original or manipulated components. Graphics should be viewable electronically. Preferred software programs are Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, and CorelDRAW. Other suggested software that could be used: Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, GIF Animator, GIMP, TuxPaint (without stamps), KidPix (without stamps), MS Paint, and Geometer's Sketchpad. Project should be saved in its native program and a hard copy provided.

Copyright Info

Please be sure work adheres to copyright law. It's safest if you use only original material you have created yourself. When you submit an entry, you should be sure that you have the unrestricted right to use all of the content you've included. This includes words, graphics, audio and video. If you use material from a third party that requires permission, please include that written permission with the submitted content.

Work that violates copyright will not be considered.

If you need music or other content created by a third party, it may help to try looking at websites that specifically state the content they make available is copyright free.

For help with citing sources, check out Citaion Machine.