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Now, more than ever, it is imperative for teachers to design engaging instructional experiences that speak the language of today‚Äôs modern students. That being said, the Health & Physical Education Department is striving to place more emphasis on technology resources and effective pedagogy that caters to ALL students, not just those who are naturally athletic or physically active. We hope to harness the productivity and appeal of technology to give every child a comprehensive education that instills in them a lifelong love for being physically healthy.

The Urban School Wellness Department is hosting Tech Fest 2018, open to all Dallas ISD students, featuring contests for student work centered around the importance of staying active and making healthy lifestyle choices. Contest entries should be related to a concept that fosters an appreciation of physical activity and/or healthy lifestyle choices. 

Contest winners will be eligible for technology prizes, and the work will be featured at STEM EXPO 2018 and on District websites. The deadline for all project entries is Friday, December 15th, 2017.


Animation refers to the use of technology to create time sequence or a series of graphic images or frames together to give the appearance of conti...

Digital Photography

Applying computer technology to create digital artwork. Quality digital graphics projects follow good design principles including composition, me...


Multimedia projects use technology to integrate multiple types of media, simultaneously, to present or interact with content. The project should include...


Digital Video


The production of audio and video files stored in a digital format for editing or playback. Digital Video presentations should be for the purpose of showc...

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing.png

The design of a layout to assemble type, graphics, and images to create print media that communicates information. Please submit products in PDF format or...



Frequently askes questions we get from students and parents. Additional competition information can be found in here.